Community Care Organisations

Schull Community Care | Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a program that provides nutritious meals to seniors and individuals with disabilities who are unable to cook for themselves. Volunteers gather at a local kitchen each morning to prepare the meals, which are then delivered to clients’ homes. The food is carefully planned and balanced to provide necessary nutrients, and special attention is given to dietary restrictions and allergies. The program not only provides food, but also fosters human connection and combat social isolation. It is a vital lifeline for those who may be feeling forgotten or alone.


Ellen Logan

  • +35385 107 8910

For more information follow:

Cancer Connect | Transport to cancer treatments

Cancer Connect co-ordinate transport to Cork hospitals for people requiring Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy and related treatments. This service is free, flexible and confidential.
The service is operated entirely by volunteer drivers and we have a few in our community.

For more information about the services provided check their website:

To get in touch with one of their volunteers in Schull, use the provided information for direct contact and they will assist you further:

  • +353 21 2038525
  • in**@ca***********.ie
Alcoholic Anonymous | Schull

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) offers support for individuals battling alcohol addiction. Meetings provide a safe space to share experiences and are open to those who want to quit drinking. AA is a voluntary organisation that provides strength and tools for a fulfilling life without alcohol. Grateful for AA in Schull.

If you wish to join the AA group in Schull here is a contact number:

087 761 4946

If you want to learn more about the risks associated with alcohol consumption, the HSE offers valuable resources and information:

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