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CCTV – Schull

SDCC chairman chaired the CCTV public information meeting which occurred on 20th November in the parish hall. The Garda Crime Prevention Officer explained the benefits of CCTV if setup in Schull.  He explained that access to the video images, must adhere to a strict and rigorous protocol.  To prevent misuse there is a very thorough and lengthy application procedure and ultimately   approval for any Community based CCTV must be given by the Commissioner of An Garda Siochana. It is anticipated that this approval will be given in the near future.

Cork Council commissioned independent security experts to advise on the nature ​and extent of the CCTV system and the specific locations where the cameras ​should​ be located. SDCC will apply for ​ ​Community funding to help with cost of this proposed project. Current proposal by the security experts is for approximately ​ 17 cameras – wirelessly linked to Schull ​ Garda Station, ​where the recording equipment will be securely located.

Attendance included representatives of Local Community Alert, members of ​ the ​business community and residents of Schull and Goleen. ​The audience were very appreciative of the information provided by the ​Garda​ Crime Prevention Officer, based on feedback where CCTV is active in Bantry and Clonakilty.  A short Q+A ​followed the briefing. ​Those in attendance were overwhelmingly supportive of the proposal to install a CCTV System for Schull. ​

If/When Garda Commissioner grants permission – more details of proposed CCTV will be available on this web page.

Lesotho Links – Walk on Butter Road

On Friday 11th October 2014  Schull Community College – Staff and Students – completed a 9 km walk – part of which was along the Butter Road,  in aid of their ongoing link with Holy Names High School in Leotho.  Weather condition was perfect, plus the depth of the local stream had dropped below the level of the stepping stone, however a temporary board-plank was provided as seen in pictures below. DSCF0431 DSCF0432 DSCF0433 DSCF0438 DSCF0439 DSCF0441 DSCF0442

Visit to Finland


Representatives of Schull -2, Ballydehob -2, & Goleen Community Councils -5, have returned from Finland after a short visit (22nd <> 25th Sept 2014). Many hours of shared discussions on what the communities wish to achieve was very informative. The Finnish hosts were extremely hospitable & made their stay a memorable one. The three Community Councils are planning to work together on projects that will benefit the Mizen area.

More info see   -Visit By The Fins

East-End Car Park – upgrade 2014

Car Park (“East End”)  Now opened on 31st October 2014 –  48 car slots including 4 wheelchair spaces –  Note    direction of movement , also parking is at 45 degree angle, except for 3 spaces in 2nd level.

 1 Entrance 1st Level 2nd Level 3rd Levedl 4th-Level 5th Level


-  Work commenced mid February 2014 –  most of  major works  completed by end June 2014 – regret new car park area not available for the summer season.

Various minor cosmetic adjustments occurred over the summer months – including the planting of plants/shrubs – etc, .

Mid August – ESB installed two galvanized poles.

 Early September more progress made with completion of footpath towards the children playground, note also access from car park restored, which resulted in some negative comments in local paper recently !, when access to playground was restricted.

17/18th Sept – ESB activity of 2 days –  removal of wires on the pole closest to the playground –  appropriate rewiring  to ensure local houses maintained their ESB supply. –  Still to do! – removal of this pole – also change over of wiring from the timber poles on the roadside  to the new galvanized poles.

20th Oct – ESB transferred cables points  onto new galvanized poles – Old poles removed.

21/24 Oct – Contractor  modified street-side footpath  to include ramps at each ends. Fitted height barriers  at entrances.

28/30 Oct – Car Park CLOSED for paint  lining.

Nominations for election

Schull Community Council – Nominations are sought for eight (8) new members for elections. The elections will take place in August and people of the Schull electorial area are entitled to nominate a candidate.  Nominees must consent to be considered for election, closing date for nominations is July 26th. Nominations to be handed into Schull Post Office in a sealed enveloped clearly marked “Nomination for Community Council”  – or alternative via email  to


Mórshiúil Lá ‘le Pádraig Scoil Mhuire – 2014 -

Below are 2 separate slide shows ,  – also a link to Thomas Newmans





Cope Swim 2013

Cope Swim Christmas Day 2013

Beautiful Day as can be seen from  slideshow


Old Butter Road Walk – Opened December 2013







The idea of developing a linear walkway along the route of the Old Butter Road, from Schull to Ballydehob, has been looked at from time to time with, various interested parties investigating its potential development. Now, it is slowly becoming a reality.  A dedicated team from both Community Councils, in conjunction with Schull Community College Link Project, have been working away quietly in an effort to have this 8km linear scenic stretch open to the public, throughout the year.

The route begins at the Old Mill house, and, traverses east, along the grassy track to a stream crossing. An information plaque on the route, designed by SCC students, Meg Minihane, Michelle O’Connor, and David O’Reilly, provides sketch maps and brief history on the origins of the Old Butter Road.  From the stream, a gentle steady climb brings the walker through beautiful scenic vistas, with Mt. Gabriel, and its southern slopes to the North, and Schull Harbour opening up, with altitude, to the South West.  Passing working farms, whose owners have kindly co-operated in facilitating development of the route, the road crosses the tarred road at the Woodlands.  From there it carries on over a rough track, from whence it emerges again onto the tarred road at Kilbronogue.

Heading east the route was initially intended to join the old tram rail line at Stouke Cross, and follow on to the Twelve Arch Bridge at Ballydehob. This stage of the route has yet to be developed, and, in the meantime, the walkway continues on from Kilbronogue, on tarred minor road, through the townland of Cappaghnacallee, and via Stouke graveyard, east through Shanavagh to the Twelve Arch Bridge.

Enjoy this special local historical and scenic amenity project.

View Photos below -

a) Stream at low level – with the stepping stones visible.


b) Following 4  photos  show the  steam at medium flooding – where the stepping stones are 12 inches underwater –   CAUTION  – River current makes crossing dangerous.


One Response to Old Butter Road Walk – Opened December 2013

  1. Damien Malone says: December 28, 2013 at 7:58 pm

    Great work. Nice asset for people who want to do some off road running the railing to cross the river is a great help and safety feature as it is high regularly at the moment.
    Well done to all involved in getting this off the ground

Christmas Fair 2013

Christmas Fair – 2013 –  Saturday 7th December


Santa's Grotto
Santa’s Grotto

Weather was very kind – mild temperature, calm conditions – which allowed for easy access for those who wished to visit Santa at his grotto….

Hopefully the children  who were able to visit Santa got a small gift.

Santa's "Sleigh"
Santa’s “Sleigh”

After his visit – Santa departed in today’s modern day sleigh  for locations unknown !


Prior to opening to the public at 1200hrs – the exhibitors arrived early to dress their  displays to impress the passing public -who hopefully stopped to view or purchase an item. Raffles tickets were available at the door – those who purchased – in it to win –                   1st €100,           2nd € 75,           3rd €25,          plus a number of small gifts in “black-bags”  Following are names of winning tickets – drawn by Santa elves.

The prize winners are as follows.
1st Prize €100   Mary O Callaghan (Bill Barrys road)
2nd Prize  €75   Maura Allen
3rd Prize   €25   Maura Allen
Other prizewinners were
Rev Trevor Lester,  Aine Minihane, Colette Newman,  Pat Mc Manus, Jenny Pyburn, Florence Newman,  Jo Ahern & Noreen Levis.


A portion of todays proceeds will be passed onto the Philippines storm fund.

After completion of draw of raffle tickets – 1700hrs – the public departed to the Tree of Light, while exhibitors removed their remaining products, all closed by 1800hrs.