Vintage Photo Gallery

If you would like to get involved in a new project … why not have a look at our vintage photo gallery and you might be interested in participating.


Schull’s vintage photo gallery is something that can bring the village together. A way of gathering and sharing important archival photos of Schull and the surrounding areas.
Anyone that has old photos and would like to contribute to the ‘Schull Archival Photo gallery’ can either contact their representative or take the photo(s) directly to MCS, Schull and they will immediately scan and return the photo to you.

This can be a very important, as well as interesting project, so why not get involved and bring those packed away photos now to create an historical record that will be lost otherwise.

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Protest – 1984             – Seven Pictures

Fishing – 1960s           – Six Pictures

Regatta – 1948            – Four Pictures

Harvest – 1940            – Six pictures