House grants provide financial assistance for housing-related purposes such as home improvements, renovations, accessibility modifications, energy efficiency upgrades, and repairs.

Individual Domestic Well Grants

The grant scheme aims to help rural households dependent on private water supplies by providing financial assistance for necessary improvements to ensure clean and sufficient water for domestic use.

citizen information | Housing grants and schemes

Housing grants and funding are available to support homeowners in improving their housing conditions. These grants can help with repairs, renovations, accessibility modifications, and energy efficiency upgrades.

SEAI Grants

Homeowners and landlords have the option to personally manage their home energy upgrades, allowing them to customise the process according to their budget and timeline. Through this grant route, they can choose a SEAI registered contractor and apply for a grant using a user-friendly online application system. The grant is directly paid to the homeowner upon completion of the works and submission of required paperwork. If you’re planning energy upgrades, check eligibility criteria and follow the step-by-step process to apply for the grant.

revenue.ie | Rent TAX credit

The Rent Tax Credit reduces the amount of Income Tax that you are due to pay for a tax year. 
The maximum value of the Rent Tax Credit is €1,000 per year for jointly assessed married couples or civil partners. The maximum value is €500 in all other cases, including single persons. This is the case no matter how many properties you pay rent for during the year.