Schull’s Pathways:
Your Journey to New Horizons!

Discover the diverse range of transportation options that connect you with destinations beyond Schull.
This page is concentrating all the information and tips you need to navigate the region without relying on your car.
Reduce your CO2 emissions, contribute to a greener environment, and even get tax benefits in return.
Embrace the freedom of car-free travel and embark on an eco-conscious journey through West Cork.
It’s not just a way to travel, but a sustainable lifestyle choice that brings countless rewards!

(old bank)

Day | Tuesday & Friday
Inbound | 10:15
Outbound | 14:10

Goleen To Skibbereen THROUGH Schull (old bank)

Day | Wednesday
Inbound | 10:50
Outbound | 14:00

FULL timetable:
schull to cork through skibbereen – Clonakilty (BUS 237)

Day | Monday to Saturday
Inbound | 08:06, 17:46
Outbound | 9:30

Day | Sunday
Inbound | 16:32
Outbound | 11:30

full timetable:

Drivers do not have a lot of change on board do not bring big notes

schull to cape clear

Day | Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
Inbound | 11:30
Outbound | 16:15
The ferry takes 40minutes

schull to fastnet rock through cape clear

Day | Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday
Inbound | 11:30
Outbound | 16:45


Did you know that you can claim your tax back on your travel expenses?
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