About us

We would like to encourage you to use our site to help you with local issues that are relevant to you and those around you. Schull has a multitude of organisations and groups that are striving to make the community a better place. With your help we can accomplish much more, with less effort, if we all work together.

The Community Council holds monthly meetings on the 1st Thursday of every month usually in Schull Parish Hall. Individuals or groups are welcome to attend for the first 15 minutes of the meeting to discuss local community issues. Please give notice  of your intention to attend  before hand  by making  contact with one of the members of the community council.

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Mission Statement

Schull & District Community Council is a group of elected members from the Schull & district area. The Council will instigate and coordinate projects on behalf of and for the benefit of the community. The Council will also interact with outside bodies, such as government agencies, and will seek advice and financial assistance on such projects.


  • To improve the social, cultural and economic life of the community
  • To represent the people in and around Schull area
  • To identify problems, interests and viewpoints of the local community
  • To create coherent agendas for action
  • To raise funds for community projects

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